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Blank screen after logging in - no payment agreements showing

If you login to your Paypa Plane account, but cannot see any payment agreements, you may have used the wrong details to login.

Paypa Plane uses your contact details - either your mobile number or your email - as your login information, set up and verified by you when you received a Payment Request. The contact details you used when you first logged in and set up your account will be what you need to use to log back into your Paypa Plane account.

So if you set up your account from your mobile number, you will need to use that same number to re-access your account. The same applies to your email address. If you’re unsure of the email account you provided get in touch with the business who is requesting payment. If you cannot see an email from Paypa Plane check your junk mail folder.

If you are having difficulty, or cannot see your Agreements when you log in, you may be using the wrong details. Please contact us at support@paypaplane.com and one of our team will be able to assist.