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Fee Definitions - Merchant Payable:

Merchant Software Usage Fees:

(These are fees you may be charged, however not all are applicable).

Chargeback Fee: The Fee applied by your card processing merchant facility when a Customer disputes a card transaction. Should such a situation occur, your business is liable for the value of the refund to the Customer as well as the Chargeback Fee.

Live Payment Agreements Fee: The software usage Fee payable by you per LIVE Customer Agreement, per month.
‘Live Agreements’ are considered to be any Agreement which had a status of Standing-by, Active, In Care, Suspended, Paused or In Recovery at some stage during the preceding month.

Monthly Account Fee: The Fee payable by you in order to keep your Paypa Plane account active, compliant, secure and operating.

New Payment Agreements Fee: The Fee payable by you per each new Customer Agreement.

Text message Fee: Paypa Plane does not charge extra for text messages sent to the Customers (on your behalf) to communicate information regarding new Agreements, payment reminders, decline payment notices, or any other communications related to the payment relations within Paypa Plane. This is included as part of Paypa Plane’s service.