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How do I change my Communication Settings

Communication Settings

You can view and edit the various communications that will be sent to you Customers if you wish.

To navigate to this page, click ‘Account’, then ‘Settings’, then from that drop down click ‘Communication Settings’.

You will see four options within this headline;

This is information that you cannot change. Please contact support@paypaplane.com if you wish to change anything here.

When sending a New Agreement Request, an initial message is sent to your Customer. The ‘Event’ messages are the follow up messages reminding your Customer to complete the process on their end.
You can choose to turn these on or off (leaving them on is recommended), and also edit the timeframe at which these are sent. Here is a quick explanation of each;

First, Second and Third Unclaimed Reminder:
Sent when your Customer has not interacted with the Agreement link sent in the initial message.

First, Second and Third Claimed Reminder:
Sent when your Customer has interacted with the Agreement link, but has not completed the Agreement process.

First Welcome:
Sent when your Customer has completed the Agreement process.

The messages sent to your Customer when there has been a change to the normal process of payments. This can be anything from a Grace Payment being due, to a credit card expiring, etc.

Lead Messages
The messages themselves that will be used for the ‘Events’ listed above.

Making Changes

Click the message you would like to edit, which will bring a drop down of the information contained in this particular message.
Please ensure you read the first section ‘General’ closely to understand the substitute fields and how they work. Hover over each substitute to learn what will be dynamically displayed.

The sections below are where you can make any changes to the default messages, sent via their respective communication methods (SMS, Email) depending on what methods are available for your account.

To the far right of each is a small eye icon, hover over to see the word ‘preview’. Clicking this preview brings up a window with how the text will look with the dynamic changes.

Click ‘SAVE’ at the far bottom right of the page to confirm any changes you have made.