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How do I change or cancel a scheduled payment?

From the “Customer” tab, search for the Customer you wish to pause an Agreement for using the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference.

Once you have found the Customer, click ‘Manage’ (the arrow to the far right). This will bring up the Customer overview screen, where you will see a heading “Next Payment”. This section shows you the next payment due, as well as all future payments (by clicking the view + button).

Select the payment you wish to make changes to, which will bring up the payment details to the right hand side of the page.

At the bottom of this section is a button “+ PAYMENT ACTIONS” - click this to bring up the menu choice to Cancel (cancelling a future payment is permanent, and cannot be undone) or Change Amount (for compliance reasons, you may reduce the amount of a payment only).

Select to Cancel or Change Amount, then confirm using the pop up.

It is important to remember that these changes are permanent and cannot be undone.