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How do I import a bulk list of Customers?

A guide on how to import a CSV file of Customers.

How to import a bulk list of Customers

If you are new to Paypa Plane, or have recently had a large increase of Customers you may wish to upload them in bulk into the system. You can do this by using the “Import” function.

Click the “Import” button along the top navigation bar to begin. This will load the import page, which will be empty if you are yet to import any data.

Click the “New Import +” button to bring up the first page of the import process, then select “Customer” under the What kind of data are you importing? section to the far left.

You will now see a fair bit of information under the Customer List heading explaining a few key elements of the process. It is extrememly important that you read this thoroughly, as this information will help you avoid importing a file incorrectly.

There is also a template for you to download and use to ensure you correctly organise the data required to perform the Customer import.

The next step is to Add some data, you can browse your computer for the file you wish to import, or simply drag and drop.

Please ensure the file extension is .csv or it will not work. Even if you have downloaded the template, be sure to export it to CSV before attempting to upload.

Click “Next” to proceed.

The next step is to match your column headings to ours. Select the correct field from the Your column labels section, ensuring at an absolute minimum that “First Name” is matched, and at least one of “Email Address” or “Mobile”.

Click “Next”, then check the Preview to confirm your selections.

Click “Confirm” if everything looks good.

The remaining process will be automated, follow along until it is complete!