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How do I upload Terms and Conditions for Customers to agree to?

Terms and Conditions specific to your business can be uploaded into your Paypa Plane admin account, and agreed to by your Customers as part of the payment request agreement process.

Uploading T's and C's:

To upload a copy of your terms and conditions, click the “Account” button on the top navigation. Click the "T&Cs" tab in the sub navigation bar.

Click the blue "+NEW" button to the right hand side.

Enter the information;

Name: A unique label/alias for these specific terms and conditions.

Write: This is where you will enter your terms and conditions. It is important to note that if you wish to make anything bold, italic, strike out, etc, you will see the relevant words will be formatted accordingly in this box. When the Customer receives the T&C's, the information will be shown in its correct form.
For example:     *word* = word       **word** = word    etc.

Once you have entered all information, click "CREATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS" to save. These can now be added to a payment request during step 4 of the regular process (click here to see how to send a payment request). You can also write new/specific terms and conditions in this process, however they will not save for future use unless you follow the above steps.

You can create multiple T&C's (for different products etc) and edit or delete whenever you like.