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How do I book a recovery?

Recoveries are our feature that allows a Merchant (you) to move an agreement from "suspended" back into being an active* agreement and get your cash flow back on track!

Booking a recovery:

From "Customers" tab, click “Suspended” (in the sub navigation bar) to show the agreements that need to have a recovery booked.

Select the Customer, or use the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference. Clicking the arrow to the right (manage) will load the Customer overview page (this can also be clicked on the Customer information line).
The main window shows details and agreement stages as the top headings. 

To the bottom of this window, click the “+ AGREEMENT ACTIONS” button.
This will open a smaller window, click “Begin Recoveries”.

The first stage of a recovery is the option to enter an amount that has already been taken in cash or point of sale, to waive the amount, or to discount the amount that is to be recovered. Reduce the amount owing if desired, or to recover the full amount, click “SKIP”.

Select the recovery type;
Create a new future payment: A brand new schedule of payments to cover the amount remaining in either the full amount or split across multiple payments, or,
Adjust an existing future payment: Add the amount owing to payments already scheduled to that agreement, either in one amount or smaller amounts split across multiple payments.

Review the summary to ensure all details of the recovery are correct, then click “BOOK RECOVERY” to confirm. 

Paypa Plane strongly advises discussing this recovery plan with the Customer beforehand, as otherwise they will be notified that the recovery has been booked and may not be expecting it.

*Once the recovery plan is in place, the agreement will show “in recovery” status until the first recovery payment has been successfully processed.