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How do I cancel a Customer's agreement?

Cancelling an agreement: 
Click the “Customers” button on the top navigation page to view the Customers page. 

From this view, select the Customer or to search, use the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference.

Click the arrow to the right side to manage and load the Customer overview page (this can also be clicked on the Customer information line).
The main window shows details and agreement stages as the top headings. 

To the bottom of this window, click the “+ AGREEMENT ACTIONS” button. 

This will open a smaller window, with options to either cancel from today’s date, or cancel after a future scheduled payment date.

Select the desired option and fill confirm.

NOTE: Once an agreement is cancelled it cannot be resumed.




Disclaimer: If a Customer contacts Paypa Plane Support and specifically requests that their agreement be cancelled, Paypa Plane has a legal obligation to stop all future payments, and will refer the matter back to the Merchant.