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How do I make changes to an existing agreement?

Changing an agreement:
Click the “Customers” button on the top navigation page to view the Customers page. 

From this view, select the Customer or to search, use the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference.
Clicking the arrow to the right side to manage. This will load the Customer overview page (this can also be clicked on the Customer information line).
The main window shows details and agreement stages as the top headings.
Click the pencil symbol to the right of the “Agreement Stages” heading, this will show all the stages of the agreement.
Click the pencil to the right of the relevant stage, then make any changes to any sections of the agreement as desired.
Click “Done” then “Save” to confirm all changes to the agreement.
Note, any changes that would increase the amount being paid by the Customer are not permitted.