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How do I create and send a new payment agreement to a Customer?

Creating a new agreement:

From the "Customer" tab, create a new Customer, or search for an existing one using the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference.
Once the Customer is found, clicking anywhere along the line with the Customer’s information will bring up a window showing Customer’s details, including a button “+ NEW AGREEMENT”.
If a new Customer has just been created, the next screen loaded will be the new agreement page.
This page is where the agreement is created by entering the following information;

a) Reference:
A unique code or note to attach to specific agreement (ie. invoice number, product type/code, etc).

b) Select the type of arrangement:
Fixed amount: A total defined amount to be paid in either one or multiple payments.
Fixed amount with multiple items: As above, with the option to add multiple components in the same agreement. Similar to building a “shopping cart” that can compile more than one item/amount to be sent in the same agreement.
Fixed payment dates: Fixed payment dates with optional ongoing payment arrangements. Updating agreements and halts not available on this arrangement type.
Plan/Subscription: An ongoing arrangement with recurring payments. This can be a specific number or ongoing with no fixed amount or end.
Manual ongoing: An ongoing arrangement with specific amounts to be manually updated.

2. Payment Description:
A brief outline of the payment agreement that the Customer will see.
a) Enter payment details:
(Fixed amount only) Enter the total amount to be paid, description for the Customer to see, and if it will be single or multiple payments.
b) If fixed amount with multiple items, click “ADD ITEM” for each new item/amount to build the list. Enter the name of each product, the price of each product, the quantity of each product, the code for the product and the description of each product, then click “DONE”. (To return without saving, click “CANCEL”, to remove click “DELETE”).

3. Payment plan:
The actual structure of the payments. “Apply Template” refers to pre-made payment structures that can be used at this point. If a template is not being used, click the blue  “ADD STAGE” button (stages refer to the specifics of a payment plan).
Enter the number of payments, use zero (0) if the arrangement is ongoing with no defined end.
Enter the amount to be paid in each transaction.
Enter the period of time between transactions, (Day, Week, Month, Year) and the frequency of these intervals. For example, fortnightly payments would be Period: Week, Frequency: 2 (two).
a) Description: A short explanation of the stage for the Customer to see.

b) Charge date:
The date the transactions will be processed. This is dynamic, and will change according to the period selected. To have the transactions processed from the day the Customer accepts the agreement, select the “Sale Date” option.
Once all the details are correctly entered, click “DONE” on the bottom right. (To return without saving, click “CANCEL”, to remove click “DELETE”).

c) Start date:
The earliest date the agreement is to start.

4. Terms & Conditions
Upload and attach your own Terms and Conditions for your Customer to agree to during the process. These are separate to the payment arrangement details and can be created and uploaded as a template to be added at this point (click here for more info).

5. Payment method: Choose the options the Customer will be offered to use as their payment method. Select as many or as few (minimum 1) as desired - to select all click “All”.

6. Summary:
A chance to check all details are correct. Changes can be made by clicking the relevant section above.

**FOR A TEST REQUEST** Next to "Live or Test Agreement", click to toggle to a TEST request.  **Please ensure "Live" is showing if this is not a test**

Send: Choose to send by mobile, or email, or both.
If all the details are correct, click “FINALISE AND SEND REQUEST” to send.