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How do I create a new Customer?

Creating A New Customer: 
Click the “Customer” button on the top navigation buttons.
This will show the Customer view page.
To the far right, click the blue “+ NEW Customer” button.
This will bring up a window with the information required to create a new Customer.
Enter the following information;

First Name: The Customer’s first name.
Last Name: The Customer’s last name.

Alternate name: An additional or alternative name for the Customer (not a mandatory field).
Reference: Any code or note to attach to a Customer (ie. Customer number, membership number, etc).
Email: The Customer email address to be sent agreements (also used to identify Customers).
Mobile: The Customer mobile phone number to be sent agreements (also used to identify Customers).

Once all relevant fields are complete, click “SAVE” (bottom right) to create the Customer. This will automatically load the “New Agreement” page, however an agreement does not have to be sent immediately at this point, the Customer will be saved in the system for retrieval at any point. The Customer’s details can also be changed at any point.