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How do I create a payment template?

A payment template is a pre-set payment structure with one or multiple stages, which can be added to a payment agreement.

Creating payment templates:

 To create a payment template, click the “Payment Templates” button on the top navigation. . Click the blue “+ NEW TEMPLATE” at the top right of the page.
Enter the information for the new template;

Name: A unique name to describe this template.

External reference: A reference to an external system product ID or similar.

Terms and Conditions: Add pre filled terms and conditions or create new - this field is optional.

Adding Stages: Click “ADD STAGE” and fill out the information specific to this stage of the template. Add as many or as few stages as the specific template requires.

Save: Once the template has all the required stages filled out correctly, click “SAVE” to store the template.

Create as many templates as required for different products.

*TBD: A difference in templates is the option to create a To Be Determined amount to be split across a certain number of payments. This could be utilised for products which have a specific life span, but varying degrees costs.
Example; If the TBD template was for 12 monthly payments for an annual membership, but the membership had a Gold, Silver and Bronze option, a TBD template would work.
Once this template is used in a payment agreement, only the total amount needs to be entered for the relevant membership and will be automatically evenly split across the 12 payments.