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Fee definitions

Merchant Account Setup fee: The one off fee paid by a business in order to establish a Paypa Plane Merchant account (per site).

Chargeback fee: The fee applied to a Customer dispute for a card transaction, resulting in a secure refund for a Customer purchase from a Merchant. Should such a situation occur, the Merchant is liable for the cost of the refund to the Customer and the chargeback fee.


Credit card fee (Visa/Mastercard and AMEX/Diners Club):
This percentage based fee is the interchange rate charged by the scheme card rules, plus the bank fees and Merchant service fee. 


Customer late payment fee: The fee applied to a declined transaction that was not resolved during the 24 hour Grace Period™. 


Declined payment fee: The fee applied to a failed transaction (both direct entry and credit card) that has been declined by the Customer bank. This fee will apply to every declined transaction, including any retries of previously declined transactions.

Grace Period™ fee: The fee applied to a declined transaction, that is then paid during the 24 hour Grace Period window.


Live Payment Agreements Fee: The fee payable by each Business/Merchant per live Customer agreement, per month.


Monthly account fee: The fee payable by each Business/Merchant in order to keep their Paypa Plane account active, compliant, secure and operating.

New Payment Agreements Fee: The fee payable by each Business/Merchant per new Customer agreement.


Scheduled payment day change fee: The fee applied when a Customer changes the date of an upcoming transaction (including an auto retry). This may occur before a payment is scheduled for a maximum of three days either side of the due date (depending on parameters set by the Merchant). 


Text message fee: Paypa Plane does not charge extra for text messages sent to the Customers of a Merchant to communicate payment requests, payment reminders, decline payment notices, or any other communications related to the payment relations with the business. This is included as part of Paypa Plane’s service.

Transaction fees: The charges applied to each transaction Paypa Plane processes on behalf of a Merchant/business.