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Fee definitions - Customer Payable

Customer Payable Fees:

These fees are set and collected by you.

Additional Decline Fee: The fee applied to a failed transaction (both Direct Entry and credit card) that has been declined by the Customer’s bank/financial institution. This fee will apply to every declined transaction, including any retries of previously declined transactions.

Agreement Activation Fee: Applied when a new Agreement is created, paid as part of the first payment/transaction on the Agreement.

Agreement Day Change: Applied when a Customer changes the payment date of all future payments on a specific Agreement. You may not have this feature enabled.

Customer Late Payment Fee: Applied to an Auto-Retry payment for a missed/failed payment not made up during the Grace Period.
(Set this fee at a level which balances your Customer relationship with an appropriate penalty to deter your Customers from failing a payment).

Grace Period™ Fee: Applied to a declined transaction/failed payment, when resolved during the Grace Period™ window.

Payment Date Change: Applied when a Customer changes the processing day of an individual transaction within an Agreement. You may not have this feature enabled.

Processing Fee: This percentage based fee can be set by you and passed on to your Customers in order to cover the processing fees charged by your integrated Card Processing Merchant Facility.
Note: If passing on this fee to your Customers, some markets prohibit ‘mark-up’. This means the fee you pass on to your Customers can only be equal to or less than the processing fee your card processing merchant facility charges you.

Recovery Fee: Applied when a Recovery plan has been booked to collect overdue money owed from a Suspended Agreement, paid as part of the next payment/transaction on the resumed Agreement.

Scheduled payment day change Fee: The fee applied when a Customer changes the date of an upcoming transaction (including an auto retry). This may occur before a payment is scheduled for a maximum of three days either side of the due date (depending on parameters you set).

Transaction Fee: A fee that is applied to each transaction processed in Paypa Plane.