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How do I update my payment method?

Using the same mobile phone number or email address you used when creating your account, log in via the app, or at https://client.paypaplane.com

Click the payment arrangement you would like to update with your new payment method.      

You will see the details of your payment arrangement with any 'editable' parts will display with the edit pencil beside them. Look for the heading 'Payment Method' and select the edit pencil.

This will open the payment methods available for the business you are paying. Select your preferred method, enter your details and agree to the DDR (Direct Debit Request) (if you have used the new payment method previously for this arrangement, you won't have to re-agree to the DDR).

If you are adding a new credit card or bank account, please ensure you have checked the details are correct, as incorrect information may result in a failed payment fee being incurred.

Press the 'update' button and your payment method change is complete!