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How do I integrate Xero with Paypa Plane?

If you have an existing Xero account, you can easily integrate this with your Paypa Plane account.

Integrating Xero:

Login to your Paypa Plane account at admin.paypaplane.com and in the top navigation bar, click "Account".

In the Account tab, you will now have a sub navigation bar where you will need to click the word "Integrations". This may not appear to change anything at first, however you should now see a little button in the bottom right hand corner "+NEW" to click.

Clicking "+NEW" will bring up your options to integrate with, in this instance, click the Xero icon.

This will now take you out of the Paypa Plane environment momentarily, and prompt you to enter your Xero login details, then, following that, please allow access when prompted.

Once permissions have been allowed, you will be brought back into the Paypa Plane environment, with a form titled "Edit Xero Integration". Please fill this form out accordingly;

Sales Account: Sales
Expense Account:
Clearing Account: Business Bank Account
- The following should be pre-filled, please double check that these are correct.
Tax Type: (Pre-filled) GST on Income
Invoice Status: (Pre-filled) An invoice that is Approved and Awaiting Payment OR partia..
Invoice Type: (Pre-filled) A sales invoice - commonly known as an Accounts Receivab...
Line Amount Type: (Pre-filled) Line items are inclusive tax

Once this form is complete and all the information is correct, click the SAVE button in the bottom right hand corner to complete.

You can check this has worked successfully by revisiting the "Integrations" page within "Accounts" and you will now see Xero (with the Status "enabled") in the previously blank section.