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In Care Actions

When a Customer has an unsuccessful payment attempt/failed transaction, Paypa Plane’s automatic retry sequence begins;

Failed payment > Grace Period > Auto Retry > Suspension (if all attempts fail).

The exact time span of the above sequence depends on parameters set by you when creating your Paypa Plane account, and the process will stop as soon as a successful payment is made along the line.

You can also manually interject at any point in this sequence if you wish.

In Care Actions:

Click the “Customers” button on the top navigation page to view the Customers page.

From this view, select the Customer or to search, use the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference. Click the arrow to the right side to manage. This will load the Customer overview page (this can also be clicked on the Customer information line).

The main window shows details and Agreement stages as the top headings.

To the bottom of this window, click the “+ IN CARE ACTIONS” button.

You can now choose from the following options;

Extend Grace Period™: Choose to extend the Grace Period by 24, 48 or 72 hours, allowing your Customer the extra time to make up the payment themselves.

Expire and Schedule Auto Retry: Expire the Grace Period, then select the date to schedule the Auto Retry. This can be a future date starting from the following day, select the date then click “UPDATE” and confirm the update.
Please be aware that this will result in the “Late Fee” being charged to your Customer instead of the Grace Period Fee.

Expire and Suspend: Expire the Grace Period immediately and force the Agreement into Suspension. Click “UPDATE” to confirm.
Please be aware that this will require a Recovery being booked to recoup the funds.