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How do I merge Customer's for duplicate listings?

Click the “Customers” button on the top navigation page to view the Customers page.
From this view, search for the Customer(s) using the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference.
Once the two Customers to be merged have been located, hover over the letter to the far left of the Customer information line to reveal a check box.
Check the two relevant boxes.
This will bring up a small additional line on information at the top of the Customer list, showing the number of Customers selected, and an option to merge.

Click “Merge” to bring up the merge Customers pop-up window.
The first stage is to view both sets of information, and select the most correct (don’t worry, information can be used from both to complete the Customer in the next step).
If neither side is “more” correct, (or both are identical but needing to be merged) select either and click “NEXT”.

This window shows the selected (most correct) information on the right side of the window, with the option to add information from the less correct side into the new merged Customer. 

If no information needs to be added, do nothing. Add as many or as few as required, then click “NEXT”.
This final page shows a summary of what the new merged Customer details will show, including all current and past agreements.
Confirm all details are correct (click “BACK” to go to previous page and make any changes) and if everything is correct, click “MERGE” to complete.


In the unlikely event that a Customer has been sent two (2) separate agreements to two separate details and has completed the process with two different details (eg one with mobile, one with email) and created different sets of log in details, it will not be possible to merge the accounts while both agreements remain active.

Merging two accounts with active agreements may result in one active agreement being “hidden” from view, rendering it near impossible for a Customer view or edit anything to do with that specific “hidden” agreement, ie; make Grace Period payments, update their payment method, etc.

In order to resolve this, one agreement must either be complete, or canceled, then it is safe for them to be merged.