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How to set, edit and waive Customer Fees.

Any/all fees charged to your Customer when using Paypa Plane software are collected by your business. You can set, edit, enable/disable and waive any fees that you like - you have complete control. 

Editing Customer Fees:

To make any changes to your Customer fees, click the "Account" button on the top navigation bar.
Click "Customer Fees" in the sub navigation bar.
This will bring up the list of all Customer fees, and split into two different types;
Transaction Fees and Behaviour Fees (a description is listed below each fee heading, and also detailed at the bottom of this page after the explanation of how to set/edit/apply any fee). 

Click the relevant fee, which will open a window where you can edit the rules surrounding this particular fee. 
There is a checkbox to the top right of this window to enable or disable the fee.
By default, all payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, Bank Account, AMEX) will be selected.
Click and drag any of these payment methods to remove (by dragging above) or create/add to a different section (where amounts may differ).
To the right of the window, you can change the "Amount" relative to the individual payment method. This amount will apply to all payment methods in that line, for this particular fee.
You can choose to have differing amounts for different payment methods for the same fee if you wish (i.e. $x for Visa/MasterCard transaction fee, and $y for an AMEX transaction fee).
Once the information is correct, there is a check box below that you must click, as a reminder that any changes you apply will affect all current and future Customers.
Click "Save" to complete.

Fee Types

Transaction Fees:

Transaction Fee: A fee that is added to each successful transaction.
Grace Period Fee: Added to a missed/failed payment if paid during the Grace Period.
A low Grace Period Fee will help to encourage your Customer to make up the failed payment quickly to avoid a Late Payment Fee.
Late Payment Fee: Applied to an Auto-Retry payment for a missed/failed payment not made up during the Grace Period. Set this fee at a level which balances your Customer relationship with an appropriate penalty to deter your Customers from failing a payment.
Additional Decline Fee: Added to a Payment Agreement that has fallen into Suspension due to a failed Auto-Retry.
Processing Fee/Card %*: A fee that is added to each successful card transaction as a percentage of the transaction amount. Your card processing merchant facility will charge your Business a percentage per transaction, which you can pass on  to your Customer if you wish. *Check the regulations in your region for what you are permitted to pass on/charge your customer.

Behaviour Fees:

Agreement Activation Fee: A fee which is only triggered when an agreement is activated. This fee is added to the first payment of a new Payment Agreement.
Payment Date Change Fee: A fee added when a Customer changes the processing day of an individual scheduled payment. 
Agreement Day Change Fee: A fee added when a Customer changes the ongoing processing day of a Payment Agreement. 
Recovery Fee: A fee added when you set up a Recovery to resolve a Suspended Agreement (by this stage, other fees would already be owed on the Agreement too).

How to Waive Fees:

Find the Customer you wish to waive a fee for, and click the 'Manage' button to go to the Customer overview page. Viewing the correct Payment Agreement. find the "Fees" window to the bottom right of the page, then select the fee you wish to waive.