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How do I view/edit a Customer?

Viewing Customers:

Click the “Customers” button on the top navigation page to view the Customers page. This view will show all Customers, with all the agreements each Customer has (if they have multiple) and the various states shown as icons under the Agreements header.

Below the main navigation bar is a new, smaller navigation bar, providing shortcuts to individual agreements in some broader states;

Pending agreements: This page shows agreements that have been created, but not yet agreed to/accepted by the Customer.
Agreements: This page shows all agreements that have been accepted/agreed to by the Customer, in all possible states of activity (view the different states here).
In Care: This page shows all agreements that have had an unsuccessful transaction attempt, and are currently in the Paypa Plane automated retry process.
Suspended: This page shows all agreements that have had an unsuccessful transaction attempt, and have not been resolved by Paypa Plane’s automated retry process. These will need to be actioned by the Merchant to resume transactions.
Recoveries: This page shows all agreements, that were suspended, but have had a recovery booked to re-activate the agreement and retrieve the amount owing.

Click any of these to view the agreements and Customers existing in these states.

Editing Customers:

Select the Customer to view/edit, or to search, use the search bar to the top right and enter the Customer name, mobile, email or reference.
Once a specific Customer is found, clicking anywhere along the line with the Customer information will bring up a window showing the Customer details.
Click the arrow to the right (manage) will load the Customer overview page (this can also be clicked on the Customer information line).
To the top left of this screen are the Customer details, click the little pencil icon to bring up the “”Edit Customer” window, make any necessary changes, then click “SAVE”.

It is important to note that if the Customer details are changed for a Customer who has multiple Agreements, an alert will pop up to the left of the agreement timeline, noting that the details do not match. Click the “UPDATE DETAILS” button to ensure all details match.