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What do the different payment statuses mean? - Pending, Suspended, In Care etc

Open Requests (the signup process is not 100% complete by the client so it is not yet an active agreement):

Unsent: This lead is yet to be sent to the client and needs action.

Unclaimed: This is sent but the client hasn't opened the text message or email.

Viewed: Your client has viewed the payment request but not taken action on it.

Claimed: Your client has viewed and may have partially completed the setup but it still requires completion.

Agreements (A payment request has been completed and is now an agreement):

In Transit: This only happens for bank transferred payments. Every bank transfer will go through this stage and is usually 2 working days.

Active: Account is active and requires no action.

Cancelled: This account has been cancelled manually. It cannot be re-activated.

Suspended: Suspended accounts have failed repeatedly. Click here to learn how to fix this.

Pending Halt: Accounts with future-dated halts will display 'Pending Halt'

Halted: accounts with an active halt

In-Care: Accounts in a Grace Period or auto-retry. The system is in the process of resolving a missed payment for you so at this point, there's nothing to do.

Complete: Payment arrangements with a set number of payments that have finished