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What do the different payment statuses mean? - Pending, Suspended, In Care etc

Pending Agreements:

Agreements are Pending when the signup process is not 100% complete by the Customer so it is not yet an Active Agreement. These are:

Unsent: The New Agreement is yet to be sent to the Customer and needs action.

Sent: The New Agreement has been sent but the Customer hasn’t opened the text message or email.

Viewed: The Customer has clicked the link and viewed the New Agreement but not taken action on it.

Incomplete - Customer: The Customer has viewed and may have partially completed the setup but it still requires completion to become an Active Agreement.

Incomplete - Merchant: For an Entry Agreement only, where payment details (credit or debit card only) are to be added by you on behalf of your Customer.

Note: This can still be claimed and managed like a regular Agreement by your Customer.


After a Customer completes the setup process (including consenting via a digital DDR), they have entered an Agreement with you via Paypa Plane.
These Agreements have various statuses, which are:

Standing By: The Customer has completed the setup process, but a payment has not yet been processed. No action is required.

Active: Agreement is functioning as planned. No action is required.

Cancelled: The Agreement has been cancelled manually. It cannot be re-activated.

Suspended: The Agreement has all future payments stopped. This is due to a transaction failing repeatedly, and was not able to be successfully captured via Paypa Plane’s automated process. The Agreement will require action, click here to learn how to fix this by booking a “Recovery”.

Pending Pause: The Agreement is currently Active, but has future-dated transactions paused (formerly ‘Halt’).

Paused: The Agreement has current and future transactions paused.

In-Care: The Agreement is in a Grace Period or Auto-Retry. Paypa Plane’s system is in the automated process of resolving the missed payment at this point, so no action is required.

Complete: The Agreement has successfully finished all scheduled payments/transactions.