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What does my Customer see after I send them a payment request?

Initially, they will receive a text message or email (or both, depending on what you have selected) with a URL/website link (https://PPPco.de) to complete their Paypa Plane account. This is their unique code to the agreement you have set up, and following the process will allow them to agree to the arrangement and commence payments.

By sending yourself a 'test' payment request, you can experience exactly what your Customers experience when on-boarding their payments with Paypa Plane.

To send a test payment request, build a payment request in the same way that you usually would for a Customer, but before sending, toggle the "Live Request" setting to "No". Click here to learn how to send a payment request, and pay special attention to step 9 for the test request information.

Note: do not use test when sending a live agreement because the resulting payment will not actually be processed.